Who we are

Devlan Limousins is a successful Limousin stud that was established in 1992 and has grown to an impressive breeding herd of approximately 600 stud animals today. John & Tracey Devonport are the proud owners of this beautiful herd.

The farm is situated on the beautiful banks of the Vaal Dam and comprises 6 adjoining farms totalling 1156 hectares with 22 kilometres of waterfront. We have an average rainfall of 600mm a year. The cattle graze on Sourveld and we experience very harsh and cold winters. It is a very tough environment with high tick populations, gallsickness and redwater.

It is a relatively drought-resistant farm as when the water level drops, the farm increases in capacity. The grazing below the high water mark is fertilized naturally and the cattle thrive on this exceptional pasture. The cattle are raised on the veld under high grazing pressures with minimal feeding.

Current Breeding Goals

We aim to focus on economic traits that affect your herd:

Testing above profit drivers

Because of our large herd size, we are able to have well-structured management groups and we measure
the following to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions

Why do Limousins breed “Much More Meat”?

  • The Limousin is renowned for its small calves with less calving problems
  • Hybrid vigour of the ‘Bos Taurus’ when crossed with indigenous breeds: 1 + 1 = 2.4 (at least 15 – 20% more meat)
  • The Limousin slaughters out between 60% and 66% and has much more meat than any other breeds because of its naturally occurring F94L Myostatin gene which increases overall beef yield by up to 7%. (follow this link to read more http://www.semenstore.co.uk/pages/f94l-tested.html; http://journalofanimalscience.org/content/86/5/1038.full)
  • Limousins produce more meat and muscle with less fat and lower cholesterol, also making it much healthier for the consumer
  • The meat to bone ratio is far superior due to the fine bone structure and beefing qualities

About our Team

Devlan is privileged to have a dedicated team of hard-working and loyal staff who have helped us get where we are today. They are led by Alfred Mahlasela; the farm manager; Oupa Nhlapo; the cattle manager and Leon du Toit the show string manager.

We also enjoy the assistance of Chris Marais; who competently assists with selection of animals and training of staff. His attention to detail and practical experience are a great asset to Devlan.

Sabine Botha, a graduate in Animal Sciences and Genetics from “Tukkies”, does a great job updating our computer records, administration and internet site.

Dr. Louis van Jaarsveld advises us on our animal health and has looked after our herd diligently since 1989.