Devlan Depth 06123 – Our Golden Lady

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Devlan Depth 06123 was the National Gold Cup winner at the Alfa show in Parys in 2016.  She also “stole the show” and won the Interbreed Gold Cups at the Royal, Bloemfontein and Lichtenburg shows in 2016. In 2015 she won the Interbreed Gold Cup at Royal Show and was the runner-up in Vryburg.

She is an amazing, feminine cow with a beautiful udder, incredible depth, conformation and “spring-of-rib”. Her hind-quarter is exceptionally well fleshed with width and length of muscle.

Whenever she walked into the ring, she would dominate with her regal presence and walking ability!

Bred from a Hautcliff Aristocrat line on the sire side, and on the dam side from Dauphin Jacre Gigolo and Devlan Frank 9613. She also displays amazing EBVs. She has 8 progeny, with an inter-calving period of 392 days.

We recently flushed her and she produced and extraordinary 26 Grade A embryos with the well-known Hitman.

A true “Golden Lady”!

Devlan Depth 0727 – Our Super Cow

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Devlan Depth was awarded the prestigious Interbreed Super Cow awards at Bloemfontein, Royal and Pretoria shows in 2016.

She is a beautiful 10 year old cow with 8 calves and an inter-calving period of 369 days!

She is bred on the sire side by Hautcliff Aristocrat and a Farmer’s Weekly cow Devlan Uron Brilor 9410 and on the dam side a Uron/Cachou and Jacre Governor VG9558 combination.

Not only is she a feminine and fertile show cow, but her progeny are also accomplished show winners.

She also has excellent EBVs.

We are privileged to have this cow in our herd and proud to have bred her.

Hitman 0810

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La Rhone Hitman 0810 was the Limousin National Champion show bull in Pretoria in 2013. In addition he was the National BreedPlan Bull of the Year in 2011 as well as the BreedPlan Limousin Bull of the Year with the most progeny and genetic trends in 2015.

We bought Hitman from La Rhone together with Rooiduin Limousins and Kalahari Limousins. He has spent many years in the Kalahari, and finally came back to Devlan in 2015.

His progeny are extraordinary! At the last Nationals in 2016, his sons; namely La Rhone Maserati and Devlan Hearsay 12 66; were awarded the National Champion bull and the Reserve National Senior Champion bull awards respectively.

He is sired by Wilzak Zipman who has Tarvis blood in him.

Not only was he a magnificent show bull, but he breeds good looking sons and daughters and has excellent EBVs with high accuracies. You can use this bull with confidence as you know how he’ll breed!

He has progeny in 16 herds, with 246 analysed and 52 scanned.