Devlan Flirtatious 10101

Devlan Flirtatious, in 2016, won the Interbreed Bull at Lichtenburg and the National Limousin Champion bull in the class “5 years and older” in Bloemfontein.

He is a masculine masterpiece with a powerful eye muscle, “spring-of-rib”, depth of body and an excellent, broad hind quarter with both inner and outer thighs.

His sire was Devlan Hercules 0792 who was sold to Golden Sun Limousins in Namibia and he won the Interbreed bull at Windhoek for two years… An extraordinary achievement in his Father’s footsteps, Devlan Hercules 0343, who won the same award a few years prior.

Not only is he a show winner, but his pedigree speaks volumes and he is an excellent breeder!