Devlan Limousins wins ARC National Special Performance Test Class Award at Pretoria 2015

By 19 October 2015Achievements

At Pretoria Show 2015 Devlan Limousins was awarded the prestigious ARC National Beef Cattle Improvement Herd of the Year Award.

It’s primary purpose is to acknowledge breeders who perform well according to the various performance testing, genetic improvement, breeding and management criteria. While reproduction is the most important consideration for selecting the winner, herd owners should also be role models and mentors in the beef industry. Breeders of top performing herds should serve as an inspiration to newcomers and prospective beef players and play an important role in facilitating their entry into the market.

The much sought-after prize was an all-expenses-paid trip to the US to attend the annual Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) conference in Mississippi.