Devlan Flirtatious 10 101

DL10-101 - A thick, impressive and powerful show bull

Devlan Ideal 13 34

DL13-34 - A bull of distinction out of Hawker

Devlan Intrigue 13 166

DL13-166 - A well muscled Envisage son

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Spectacular cows and calves available

Wilzak PP 12 2

PP12-2 - A very 'correct' Mas du Clo bull with outstanding figures

Devlan ImSpartacus 13 92

DL13-92 - A well balanced and muscular Hitman son

Devlan Inspire 13 147

DL13-147 - A Mean, beef machine out of Hawker

Devlan Iconic 13 32

DL13-32 - A top class pregnant cow bred from show champs

Devlan InATizzy 13 95

DL13-95- A pregnant, first time calver with great hind quarter muscling

Devlan Jessica 14 65

DL14-65 - A pregnant Meaty heifer with a good hind quarter

Devlan Joyous 14 125

DL14-125 -A pregnant heifer with everything you could want

Devlan Jingle 14 79

DL14-79 - A pregnant Hawker heifer with excellent length